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LEE Commercial is a world-leading provider of real estate Capital Markets expertise. Our professionals offer expertise in every business sector and real estate class, delivering integrated solutions by actively advising, implementing, and managing on behalf of tenants, landlords, and investors throughout every stage of the real estate acquisitions, financing or sales process. Whether you are an investor, developer, corporate user or owner, a global company or a small business.LEE Commercial proves solutions that fit your strategic operational, and financial goals and help convert fixed assets into dynamic ones.

 It enables our agents to develop the best market knowledge and deliver superior marketing materials to the most comprehensive pool of commercial real estate investors, retail tenants, banks and brokers. As a result, owners are matched with the perfect buyer, tenant or financing solution.

Complimentary Property Evaluation & Capital Services.

 We Provide Complimentary Property Evaluation. LEE Capital Services offers a unique solution for capital service needs for building owners throughout the New York metropolitan area.Our mortgage brokers to have the deepest market knowledge within the New York metropolitan region, resulting in the most complete and best underwriting of your loan. We have strong relationships with all major financial institutions and deliver the same excellent, focused, professional service that Our clients have come to expect. Our mortgage brokers provide customized financing strategies across all asset classes.LEE operates across the full capital stack, ensuring our clients access to the optimum financing solution.LEE specializes in a variety of real estate financing, including fixed-rate, floating-rate, construction, land and bridge loans.


We handles many different property types

 Apartment Buildings

  •  Commercial Buildings, 
  • Condos & Co-Ops
  • -   Retail Spaces
  • -   Loft Buildings
  • -   Office Properties
  •  Development / Conversion Sites
  •  Industrial Properties
  •  Mixed-Use Buildings
  •  Townhouses
  •  Retail Storefronts
  • Residential Income Properties 

We offer a complete package of services, including:Initial underwriting

 Preparation of lender package Solicitation of numerous lender quotes

In consultation with the borrower, determination of the optimal capital source and structure. Closing of the loan with selected capital provider, ensuring certainty of execution



We work hard to be the experts. Starting with a personal visit to every property we list, our strong commitment to your investment continues through the entire process.



Through our developed relationships and transaction volume,  Our access to these private and institutional investors translates to quicker transactions, benefiting every sale we do.



There is more to your investment than buying and selling. We work beyond the sale to analyze all your options for the strongest portfolio.

Tenant Representation


What We Do

No Two Leases are Identical. LEE Is Expert In the Financial Obligations and Methodologies Within and Across Office, Retail and Industrial Lease Types. LEE Analyzes Each Lease’s Financial Obligations Based On Its Own Distinctive Deal Points. 

Operating Expense Pass Though Charges are Subject to Each Landlord’s Accounting Procedures and Interpretations. Landlords often “blanket bill” without taking into account each tenant’s individually negotiated terms. Human error also occurs in the preparation of annual reconciliation statements and expenses. Left unchecked, these errors, unintentional or not, can have compounding effects that can cost your business significant dollars over the term of a lease. 

Lease Audit for Commercial Tenants

LEECommercial.com a LEE Group LLC conducts compliance reviews of lease operating expense escalations, CAM, Utility other rent charges. Lease Auditing recovers overcharges, fixes complex billing issues, protects from overpaying on lease expenses and lowers lease spend. 

We Help Fix Complex Billing Problems

 We help commercial tenants recover rent expense over payments and prevent ongoing operating expense overcharges that are based on inaccurate billing methodologies or impermissible lease charges. 


The Lease Audit & Recovery Process

Our Approach Explores Every Opportunity to Maximize Savings.

We Investigate the Costs Associated with Your Lease and Occupancy to Identify Overcharges and Inaccurate Billing Practices

Our approach to reducing occupancy costs is designed to improve lease performance and create significant benefits to your organization now and into the future

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Tenants & Neighbors was founded in 1974 to be the statewide center of power for tenants. Since then, we have successfully preserved thousands of units of affordable housing and strengthened tenants’ rights at the city, state, and federal level.