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Lee Realty Group a LEE Group LLC

350 5th Avenue, New York, New York 10118, United States

One World Trade Center - Downtown Office 285 Fulton St, # 8500 New York, NY 10007

Drop us a line!


Drop us a line!

Chris Lee - Founder l CEO l Principal Broker

Licenced Real Estate Broker NY /NJ/ CA/ D.C/ VA...MBA | CCIM | CPM l Certified Instructor 

Lee Realty Group

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Lee Realty Group by Lee Group LLC

350 5th Ave. 59th Floor New York,NY 10118 - HQ

One World Trade Center - Downtown Office 285 Fulton St, # 8500 New York, NY 10007


Career Opportunities

We believe in honesty, propriety, delivery on promises, and professionalism. Our imperative is to leave no phone call unanswered, and no lead cold. We encourage personal growth through the support and mentorship of our experienced staff and expert management team. In fact, we have built and developed our business practices around the agent. We observe, define, react and grow through the eyes of our agents. In turn, our team takes pride in their hard work and providing superior customer service. We will give you the tools - and guide you!

We will take away the mundane—the endless hours of administrative work, the advertising, the ups-and-downs of a negotiation, the jitters of a closing process. We will empower you to achieve your goals and surpass those goals as a confident, seasoned real estate profession-al. We will not put you through a three-day training, and leave you out there to fend for yourself and make up answers to the questions as you go. You will learn the business of real estate and how to cultivate and service clients through an effective, engaging, hands-on approach.

We will not make extraordinary promises. We do promise that your drive and commitment will take you where you wish to go. We will give you a constant supply of guidance and quality listings to help you succeed consistently... despite the fact that many claim that real estate brokerage business is a seasonal one.

Prepare yourself for endless possibilities and exceptional results from week one! Lee Realty Group & Lee Commercial a Lee Group LLC  will ensure that you succeed. We are passionate and care about the integrity and quality of our work. Your success is our success, and anything less than that is simply unacceptable.

If you value teamwork and expect recognition, professional growth and full attainment of your goals—give us a call. We may be just the right fit.

Real Estate Sales Professional - Experienced  Description

Ideal Properties Group is seeking experienced real estate sales professionals to join our team, and exponentially enhance their business.  Backed by a member team of real estate brokers and salespersons with unmatched customer service skills, award-winning in-house architecture, design and staging group, public relations, marketing, SEO, social media and web design teams, and a dedicated team of developers daily nurturing and developing our technological advantage, LEE Realty Group is a Nationwide brokerage firm committed to excellence through exemplary ethics, hard work and professional integrity. 

The foundation of your success as team member of LEE Realty Group?

CULTURE Company culture is the most important reason why real estate agents join a firm. It is also the most important factor in a real estate professional staying with a firm. We are big enough to provide competitive resources, but small enough to care about you.

Support To compete in today's real estate market, you need a carefully crafted arsenal of tools that you can bring to the battleground. Our mission aligns with your mission.

Your productivity is our productivity. The development of our people and their careers - leads to our success.

We generate leads for you.We provide in-house listings for you to work on.

Our New Development division provides large projects with many units to be sold and rented.

No other Nationwide brokerage provides you with tools and programs to sell and list real estate as we do.

We provide many opportunities for you to take your earnings to the next level.

We were all you - at some point in our professional development. We understand the challenges and have the skills you can rely on to overcome them.

Technology Our proprietary technology was developed by our programming team, designed to make your work more efficient. Real-time access to listings and resources. Marketing, business, and listing promotion.

Fast feeds to aggregation sites.Unmatched drip email campaign capabilities.Heavy advertising support.

Your success is our success! We'd love to speak with you about how we can help you build your business within our welcoming and supportive culture.